Friday Jun 04th, 2021


Are you looking to plant a garden? Do you live in an apartment or condomimium and have no outdoor space?  This could be a solution for you.


What is a Community Garden?

Community gardens on municipal land are places where City of Vaughan residents and employees of Vaughan-based businesses can meet to grow and care for fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, native, and ornamental plants. The City of Vaughan currently supports four community garden projects on City-owned land.  

All of the City's community gardens are operating following advice provided by York Region Public Health and the Province. All gardens will continue to be closed to the public in 2021; only registered gardeners will be permitted access.

The City is currently accepting registrations for the 2021 season. Please e-mail  environment@vaughan.ca to indicate which garden you would be interested in participating in for the year. You can find a list of garden locations below.

Please note, there are waitlists associated with each garden and you are not guaranteed a plot for the year.


Allotment Gardens

Allotment gardens are where participants rent and cultivate individual plots, harvesting their own produce. The City currently operates one allotment garden.

Sugarbush Heritage Park Allotment Garden - 91 Thornhill Woods Drive
Sugarbush Heritage Park Allotment Garden was established in 2010. There are 25 garden plots, approximately 8' x 10' size.   
Please note, all plots have been filled for the 2021 season.  We are still maintaining a waitlist in case of any last minute drop outs, please e-mail environment@vaughan.ca to express your interest.

Collective Gardens

Collective gardens are run and maintained by a community group or organization. The goals and needs of each garden will vary depending on the community group that is running the collective garden. Generally, collective gardens include shared work where participants garden collectively, share and even donate some harvest to charitable community causes. The City currently operates three collective gardens.
Growing to Give Community Garden835 Clark Avenue (Fire Hall #7-1)
The Growing to Give Community Garden was established in 2011. There are approximately 17 plots (8' x 10') managed collectively. Harvest includes flowers, fruits, and vegetables. In 2019, the harvest produced 287 kg of organic vegetables and herbs, which was donated to 9 organizations and 55 individuals/families. This garden is managed by York Region Food Network.
Hope Community Garden - 439 Glenkindie Avenue
The Hope Community Garden was established in 2012 by Human Endeavour. There are 12 garden plots, approximately 8'x10' that are  managed collectively. This garden is managed by Human Endeavour.    
Vaughan City Hall Community Garden 2141 Major Mackenzie Drive
Phase 2 of the City Hall Demonstration Garden has been completed. There are 6 raised garden plots, approximately 3' x 8'. This garden is currently in the design phase and further expansion is expected in the future.
 This garden is managed by York Region Food Network.

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